The world is evolving, and our client's processes are evolving too. With a greater focus on alternate technologies, renewable and biodegradable fuels which are needed to meet the pressures of environmental preservation, our clients are introducing ever more renewable & biodegradable feedstocks into their plans.

We recognise that this is a future beyond fossils and Cat Tech are adapting our services to help clients to deal with this change which will help reduce the impact on the environment and help lower polluting emissions. Due to the various types of per-treatment via guard beds and a potentially greater frequency of catalyst change out due to some of the characteristics certain feedstocks can contain and the way these impact the catalyst and potential agglomeration.

At Cat Tech we have developed efficient ways for dealing with 'gummy' or agglomerated catalyst, and due to our global network of resources should the need to carry out a change out at short notice we are there if you need us.

We also note that many of our customers are considering altering some of their in-situ production units to service this market, and we can help you with evaluation and execution of the conversions along with installation of new units. Our experts are on hand to work with clients from the design concept to through installation.

We have already carried multiple renewable catalyst change out projects and we are setting the benchmark in this field. The world is evolving and Cat Tech is.

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