Cat Tech Tower Field Services

Our tower tray, packing and other internals installation service has deep roots, with several of the senior team at Cat Tech being involved in the founding of the Cana-Tex organization. Since 1971, Cana-Tex had been the premier global tower specialty contractor performing tower maintenance and plant turnaround projects around the world. These origins of successful experience now makes Cat Tech Tower Field Services a global organization which is safe, cost efficient and technically experienced.

Observing all of the consolidation within the Tower Service industry over the years, Cat Tech Tower Field Services has the unique distinction of being the only independent Tower specialty contractor with global capability and resources in the market. This flexibility allows us to mobilise quickly, respond effectively and carry out our customers requirements with distinction and high levels of professionalism.

We work hard to maintain an industry reputation for safety, speed and dependability. Our crews have been trained by us, many of whom are cross trained in both reactor and tower work. As such this allows us to staff a project with the proven skills necessary to produce customer satisfaction.

It is our intention to demonstrate the benefit of utilizing Cat Tech for all of your tower work. These benefits are summarized below.

  • An experienced specialty tower contractor, beginning operations in 2010 but having personnel with a depth of knowledge rivalling our competitors.
  • Management, supervision and crews knowledgeable about all tray fabricators equipment, as we are an independent contractor. Average management experience is 30+ years; average supervision experience is in excess of 20 years.
  • Proven track record for productivity, safety and quality.
  • Willingness by Cat Tech to designate an individual to your facility, to act as a resource for all tower related workscope issues, budget estimates, work scope durations, etc.
  • Associate companies, that can furnish equipment from individual tray panels to full trays at short lead times.
  • Tray installation speciality hardware. Hardware can be supplied in pre-ordered amounts or on a sale or return basis (excluding exotic materials), with larger projects being catered for via the use of a designated hardware trailer.

  • > Turnkey Tower Field Service
    • - Spade to Spade service which can include, initial entry, mechanical inspection (trays), Cleaning, Repairs / replacement and closure
    • - New Tower Internals Installation Service
    • - Revamp or Modification to Trays
    • - Turnkey Tower Optimization Projects
    • - Emergency Provision of Tower Internals

  • > Technical Advisory Services
    • - Tower & Vessel Inspection Field Service
    • - Supervision of external / client labour force.
    • - Detailed Inspection Reports
    • - Reactor Tray Field Service
    • - Turnkey Reactor Tray Field Service