Cat Tech Catalyst Services

Cat Tech is an international full-service catalyst handling company. For over three decades, we have been helping refineries and chemical & petrochemical plants around the world improve their bottom line by eliminating unnecessary downtime by providing all phases of catalyst change out services.

Cat Tech Tower Field Services

Cat Tech Tower Field Services offers bespoke mechanical services to oil refinery and petrochemical plants all around the world. Our team has vast experience in overseeing and undertaking the installation of all types of tray manufacturers equipment.

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Latest News - The JE Dense Loader goes from strength to strength.  Having now been accepted by many of the largest Catalyst Manufacturers and Refinery Operators around the world, the JE Dense Loader can now be considered one of the market leading Dense Loading technologies.  With Cat Tech Europe's first project being undertaken in March 2014, we have now undertaken projects in three continents in seven different countries in the space of twelve months, with all projects providing our clients with increased densities and good quality loads. For further information please do not hesitate to contact